Wendtop Co.,Ltd.

Is a company with experience since 1992 in fulfilling the needs of Chemicals. We are one of leading distributors about Chemical products for both domestic and worldwide countries. Our chemical products are applied for various industries, such as rubber , ceramic, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, paint, plastic etc.

With our full experience in supplying chemicals to many industries and our good relationship with reliable manufacturers from many countries such as China, Taiwan, U.S.A., Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Singapore and so on, We are ensuring in our products quality and services.

For many years, with the idea of customer satisfaction and long-term business has enabled us to achieve the effective management and efficient teamwork with strong quality control, which can be trusted by our client that we will always adhere to an honest operation style and will always be a reliable partner of our client. Perception and sensitivity to customer’s needs have always been the key of our staff, products and services development.

Our renowned distribution system as “Fast and Prompt” makes trust on customers and strengthen the efficiency of our delivery service. Our warehouse is sited in the easily accessible location, which assist us to competently operate the inventory planning and deliver goods to our value customers in time. Apparently, Wendtop is well renowned for its excellent operation and customer’s understanding, which have guaranteed our proceed and stability for present day and further time.

Our Main Products
1.Animal Feed Industry  2.Ceramic Industry 3.Paint & Resin Industry  4.Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry  5.Plastic Industy  6.Rubber & Latex Industry


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